"The (design) world is a funny place, full of opposites and contradictions. Big vs Small, Rich vs Poor, Analogue vs Digital, Global vs. Local, Craft vs Mass Manufacture." In a bid to unpick these things, after graduating from the RCA in 2014, Julia curated an exhibition of work by fellow Design Products graduates. Big Small Show was part of the London Design Festival 2014 and hosted, not only an exhibition but a series of events such as a swearing competition, talks and installation The Commodity Casino.  

Images below: 'HAT001' by Julia Georgallis & Dustin Jessen, 'Trompe l'oie' by Marcin Rusak, 'Melted Meanings' by Kirsi Enkovaara, raincoats by Featuring Featuring and 'Dreaming in CMYK by Avantika Agarwal // Identity, photography by Marcin Rusak.