"The (design) world is a funny place, full of opposites and contradictions. Big vs Small, Rich vs Poor, Analogue vs Digital, Global vs. Local, Craft vs Mass Manufacture." In a bid to unpick these things, after graduating from the RCA in 2014, I curated an exhibition of work by fellow Design Products graduates. Big Small Show was part of the London Design Festival 2014 and hosted, not only an exhibition but a series of events such as a swearing competition, talks and the installation 'Commodity Casino.'  

Images below: 'HAT001' by Julia Georgallis & Dustin Jessen, 'Trompe l'oie' by Marcin Rusak, 'Melted Meanings' by Kirsi Enkovaara, raincoats by Featuring Featuring and 'Dreaming in CMYK by Avantika Agarwal

Identity, photography by Marcin Rusak.