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Having started my career as a product designer before retraining as a baker, I believe that food is our most important product and I see it as as a useful and powerful design tool that can help to solve problems and educate. I am currently working on the next phase of the 'How to eat alone' podcast.

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How to eat alone
Podcast and Recipe Blog

'How to eat alone' is a cookery podcast and recipe blog that explores issues surrounding loneliness, solitude, isolation and independence and offers recipes for meals designed to be eaten alone. Recipes will be published before each podcast episode, so listeners can cook along and eat whilst listening - think of this podcast as a dining companion. 

Listen to the podcast here
Follow the Substack here


How to eat your Christmas tree
Cookbook and Supper Club
(2015 - 2023)


The ‘How to eat your Christmas tree’ project was a supper club series that began in 2015 and has since become a successful, festive cookbook (published by Hardie Grant, 2020). The project explored the unsung, edible heroes of our forests, conifers and their evergreen friends. As well as recipes for cooking with pine, fir and spruce, both book and supper club encouraged reflection around food waste and resourcefulness over the Christmas period. Did you know that if we decided to leave just one year's Christmas tree harvest to grow that those trees, over the course of their lifetimes, could collect the same amount of CO2 emitted annually by the global aviation industry? Trying to eat your tree is a way of extending the already short shelf life of something that has become so inappropriately disposable. The final editions of the supper club ran in early January 2023, but the cookbook is still going strong and is available to buy in English, French and German. 


Buy the cookbook here. 

The Bread Companion 

Nomadic Teaching Bakery

(2014 - 2021)


The Bread Companion was a nomadic, teaching bakery and online platform for 'breaducation' that ran between 2014 - 2021. After six and a half years of teaching hundreds of people how to make their own bread, baking for wholesale customers and providing useful, online bread tips, the project is now closed. 


Visit the The Bread Companion's website to find out more about the project.  


Designers on Holiday Kitchen 

Summertime Kitchen Residency

(2015 - 2023)

I ran the outdoor kitchen at the Designers on Holiday Project in Gotland, Sweden each summer for two weeks between 2015 and 2023 (not including pandemic years).  Feeding roughly 20 campers every day, three times a day for the duration of the holiday, the kitchen was a collaborative making and eating space, with a zero-waste policy that harnessed the beautiful ritual of outdoor cooking. 

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