THE BREAD COMPANION - A nomadic, microbakery

Though bread has been eaten and enjoyed across the globe for the last 14000 years, in recent history bread it has become the enemy carb. Julia set up The Bread Companion (TBC) - a nomadic, microbakery - to encourage people to bake their own bread, which is much healthier than the supermarket loaf. Julia designed and built TBC’s portable kitchen in 2014 which, inspired by communal bread ovens of the past, includes a wood-fired bread oven. TBC has run a great many bread making workshops around the world, from the High Deserts of California, to London council estates to fields in Sweden. We continue to run workshops and bready events and also now produce products to help people make their own bread.

Photography by Lizzie Mayson, Blue Sky Center and The Bread Companion.