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After writing the 'How to eat your Christmas tree' cookbook, I have been freelancing as a food writer since early 2020. Please find below a list of published and personal work. 

How to eat alone Substack blog

Recipe blog and monthly newsletter about eating alone.

Mold Magazine - 

Cakes for Climate Change, November 2023

Recipes From Beyond The Grave, August 2023

Economies of Excrement: Cow Pat Energy, May 2022

Endangered Kitchen: Meat Missiles, November 2021

A side of mushrooms with your coffee, September 2021

Endangered Kitchen: Farm-to-tray, September 2021

Endangered Kitchen: The Halloumi Rebellion, June 2021

Urban Ecologies Symposium: Urban Anglers, June 2021

Endangered Kitchen: The Ice Cream Interlude, May 2021

Endangered Kitchen: Pao e Politica, April 2021

Endangered Kitchen: Hopeful Vines, March 2021

Endangered Kitchen: A Seafood Signal, February 2021

How to turn your Christmas tree into cocktails

Atlas Obscura, December 2021

How to eat your Christmas tree

Cookbook, published by Hardie Grant, October 2020. 

Why you should eat your Cactus

Plant Fever Exhibition Journal, February 2020.

How to eat your Cactus

Plant Fever Exhibition Journal, February 2020

The Bap Substack

As part of The Bread Companion project, I kept a regular blog  about bread and travel. 

Mnimi Studio Journal - 

These are the articles that I have contributed to a jewellery brand that I co-ran between 2019 - 2022. 

A Farewell to the Blood Diamond

Q&A with Richard Brendon

In praise of pearls

Q&A with Laura Nelson

In praise of being slow

Q&A with James Shaw

In praise of bespoke 

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