Published Work

How to eat your Christmas tree cookbook

Published by Hardie Grant, October 2020. 



I write a monthly column for Mold Magazine called the Endangered Kitchen, which explores vulnerable or lesser known food practices around the world. You can read the articles here.

Why you should eat your Cactus

Plant Fever Exhibition Journal, February 2020.

How to eat your Cactus

Plant Fever Exhibition Journal, February 2020


The Bap

I kept a regular blog between 2014 - 2021 that ran alongside The Bread Companion project. The blog was an exploration of bread and pastry culture around the world and offered recipes, eating-whilst-travelling stories as well as interviews with those working in the food and drink industry. Here is a sample of written work:


Dusty Days: A day in the life of a baker

The Traveller's Food Directory: Gotland

An Interview with: Sin Gusano

The Supermarket Tourist

A Recipe: All Occasion Focaccia

Bitesized Baking

Bitesized Baking was a vlog with a series of useful bread making posts and videos, as part of The Bread Companion project. 

Meta Studio Journal 

These are the articles that I have contributed to my co-run, side hustle jewellery brand, Meta: 

Q&A with Richard Brendon

In praise of pearls

Q&A with Laura Nelson

In praise of being slow

Q&A with James Shaw

In praise of bespoke